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The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site
The DXZone.com
  1. IARU HF Championship 2018
    July 14-15, 2018 - Objective: To contact as many other amateurs, especially IARU member society HQ stations, around the world as possible using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.
  2. Yaesu FT-4XR / FT-4XE VHF/UHF HT
    Yaesu FT-4X 5W VHF / UHF Handheld Transceiver at a very affordable price
  3. Phonema Speakers
  4. INRAD Microphones
    INRAD Desk Microphone System is an exciting line of great sounding microphone models. Each INRAD microphone has an attractive stage-style body and a unidirectional cardioid element with unique...
  5. Elecraft XV Transverters XV50 XV144 XV222 and XV432
    Four state-of-the-art transverters are included in Elecraft's new XV Series: the XV50 (6 Meters), XV144 (2 Meters), XV222 (222 MHz) and XV432 (432 MHz). The transverters can be used with nearly any...
  6. ICOM IC-R20
    IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.
  7. Repeater Temperature Monitor with Raspberry Pi
    Technical Reference/Raspberry Pi
    A simple and cheap solution to monitor temperature of your repeater implementing a...
  8. The Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) antenna
    Introduction to NVIS antenna and NVIS propagation. A simple NVIS antenna can be constructed as shown in this article
  9. Batteries for portable use
    Technical Reference/Batteries
    Batteries for portable radio operation are always an interesting subject for discussion....
  10. Calculate Antenna Lenght in feet, inches and meters
    Antennas/Antenna Calculators
    Inches and meters Javascript Wavelength Calculator allow to input a frequency in MHz and...
  11. Bobcalc 2.0 Air Coil Calculator
    Software/Circuit Design
    Bobcalc is a simple windows software to calculate the air core coils, the most widely used in RF...
  12. End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler
    Antennas/End-Fed/End Fed Half Wave Antenna
    A home made end-fed half-wave antenna coupler with antenna...